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Pro Luxe Lash Curler



Curling your lashes is often an overlooked step in your makeup routine & one of the most important tools to carry in your makeup tool kit.

That is unless you are blessed with curly lifted lashes then read no further !

Maximize your lash game with the melli Pro Luxe Lash Curler in Rose Gold & Nude pink handles

Ergonomic handles makes curling easy peasy. 

Want wide awake eyes ?

Stick Straight lashes that head south ?

A curled lashline is almost as good as an eyelift.

Helps create length and volume whilst lifting - no need for anymore lash lifts!

Squeeze down slowly once your have placed the curler snug against the roots of your lashes. Once it feels comfortable squeeze down and pulse the handles for 15 seconds. Want an extra lift ? Gently lift the curler upwards whilst squeezing. Need more curl ? Repeat until you achieve your desired effect.

Heating your lash curler will dramatize the curl and lift effect along with longevity. 

* Just make sure that you don't overheat your curler- either run under hot water or slightly warm with your hairdryer. To test heat hold it on your wrist to test heat. You just want it warm against your skin.

Warning- overheating could result in scorched lashes so beware.

Your lash curler comes with 2 spare silicon rubber pads so change when needed being careful to place the rubber in snugly and correctly.


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