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4PLAY Brush Set limited edition


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Elevate Your Beauty Game with the Revolutionary 4PLAY Brush set – Where Function Meets Versatility.

Unlock the secret to flawless makeup with 4PLAY, the transformative luxury 4-in-1 brush that's set to redefine your beauty routine. Designed for the dynamic individual who craves efficiency without sacrificing quality, 4PLAY combines four essential makeup tools into one compact, easy-to-use device. With a simple pull-apart twist feature, switch between expertly crafted weighted brushes for the face, eyes, and lips, ensuring a perfect application for any look, any time.

Twist & pull to open each brush 

Twist one way to lock in - twist the other way to unlock & open 


  • Multifunctional Face Brush: Dive into a world of possibilities with a brush that effortlessly applies blush, bronzer & powder .Its versatile design ensures a seamless blend, giving you a natural, radiant finish every time.

  •  Eye Blending Brush: Achieve the perfect blend with the socket eyeshadow brush, designed to contour  your eyes for any style, from a soft daytime look to a dramatic smokey eye.

  • Lip Brush: Detail-oriented and designed for precision, this dual-purpose brush lets you conceal imperfections flawlessly and apply your favorite lip color with precision and ease, ensuring a polished look down to the finest detail.

  • Expert Smudger Brush: Complete your eye makeup with the smudger brush, ideal for softening eyeliner, creating that perfect smokey look, or blending colors at the lash line for a diffused effect that captivates.

Why 4PLAY?

4PLAY isn't just a brush; it's a revolution in your makeup bag. By integrating four professional-grade brushes into one, 4PLAY saves space without compromising on performance. Each brush is designed with premium synthetic fibers for a cruelty-free, hypoallergenic experience that ensures optimal product pickup and a smooth application.

  • Travel-Friendly: Designed for the beauty enthusiast on the go, 4PLAY is your portable makeup studio, ready to create any look, anytime, anywhere.

  • Ergonomic Design: 4PLAY's sleek, user-friendly design not only looks elegant but ensures maximum control and comfort, making your makeup application a breeze.

  • Easy to Clean: Hygiene is a breeze with 4PLAY. Each brush can be easily cleaned, ensuring your tools are sanitary and performing at their best.

Transform Your Makeup Routine with 4PLAY

With 4PLAY, unleash your creativity and enjoy the convenience of having four essential makeup tools at your fingertips. Perfect for anyone looking to simplify their beauty regimen without sacrificing quality or versatility.

Luxury Meets Practicality:

4PLAY goes beyond mere functionality, offering a touch of luxury with its sophisticated, quilted velvet black pouch. This elegant case, featuring a convenient magnetic opening, not only safeguards your investment but also exudes chicness, making it a statement accessory in its own right.

  • Elegant and Secure Storage: The magnetic pouch provides not just an elegant touch but also a secure and easy way to store and transport your 4PLAY brush, ensuring it remains clean and ready for use.

  • Travel-Friendly Elegance: With 4PLAY, beauty knows no bounds. The compact and protected design makes it the perfect travel companion, ready to accompany you on any adventure.

  • Easy to Maintain: Keeping your 4PLAY brush in pristine condition is effortless, thanks to its easy-to-clean design and the protective qualities of its luxurious pouch.


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