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PREORDER Glowlux Lumi-Zoom Compact Makeup Mirror


Our first shipment sold out in just over 2 weeks  
Now available as a preorder shipping approx end of FEB

Introducing the ultimate game-changer for makeup enthusiasts and glasses wearers alike: our versatile 1x/7x Magnifying Light-Up Makeup Mirror.

This innovative compact handheld mirror is a must-have tool designed to cater to the specific needs of ladies who wear glasses and struggle with makeup application, as well as for beauty aficionados who are always on the move.

**Key Features:**

1. Dual-Sided Magnification: The mirror offers two magnification options. One side provides a 1x reflection for a standard view, perfect for overall face makeup. The flip side magnifies 7x, allowing for precision tasks like tweezing or detailed eye makeup such as eyeliner or mascara.

2. Adjustable LED Lighting Modes: Equipped with a trio of lighting settings - daylight, cool light, and warm light - this mirror simulates various environments. Each mode is dimmable, ensuring you can find the perfect lighting no matter the time of day or the room you are in.

3. Ideal for Poor Sight: The 7x magnification side is specifically designed for those who wear glasses. It eliminates the struggle of applying eye makeup , ensuring flawless application every time .

4. Portable Design: Lightweight and compact, this mirror is travel-friendly. Whether you're on a business trip or a vacation, it fits easily into any handbag, maintaining your makeup routine uninterrupted.

5. Long-Lasting LED Chargeable Lights: The mirror is framed on both views with durable LED lights that not only provide a clear, bright view but also mimic natural lighting conditions to ensure consistent makeup application. Comes with a USB  cable for easy charging.

6. Easy to Use: With intuitive touch sensor controls, you can easily switch between light settings and adjust brightness levels. The mirror's design is user-friendly

7. Sturdy and Stylish: The sleek design not only looks elegant but is also built to last. 

8. The Perfect Gift : housed in a beautiful box & includes a velvet pouch

Whether you're a professional makeup artist, a beauty enthusiast, or someone who struggles with vision when applying makeup especially eyeliner & mascara, this 1x/7x Magnifying Light-Up Makeup Mirror is your perfect companion. Enhance your beauty routine with precision, ease, and style!

"Unleash the secret to perfect makeup, anytime, anywhere! Introducing our 1x/7x Magnifying Light-Up Makeup Mirror - your ultimate solution for flawless beauty in any setting. No more struggling in dimly lit hotel rooms or bathrooms. With its customizable LED lights mimicking daylight, cool, and warm tones, get the right light at the touch of a button.
Your mirror comes boxed with an exclusive, elegant pouch, adding a touch of luxury to your beauty routine while keeping your mirror safe and scratch-free during travels or whilst in your handbag or makeup bag.

This isn’t just a mirror; it's a revolution in your makeup application, especially designed for those who wear glasses. Imagine the ease of perfecting every detail of your makeup, with zero strain on your eyes, even in the darkest environments.
No more struggling applying eyeliner & mascara - the perfect result every time thanks to magnification & the perfect lighting !

Why wait? Say yes to consistent, impeccable makeup. Say yes to convenience and style. Your flawless look is just a mirror away !
USB cable for charging
Comes boxed ( see images )
Colour - Ballerina Pink
Unit Dimensions-
10cm x 10cm x 2.25cm
Actual mirror Dimensions-
8.25cm x 8.25cm