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3 Pack Bundle -NEW Design ! Luxe Pro Airbrush FX Sponge

$45.00 $30.00

3 Pack Makeup Artist Bundle 

Brand new design & improved texture !

Achieve an Airbrush FX with the new & improved Luxe Pro Sponge

We have worked on this new sponge to bring you a softer, more expanding when wet , higher quality texture to bring your makeup application up to a even higher level with our new design

This little tool expands when wet & is super soft- use this each morning applying your foundation and it will feel like a facial massage !

Press and buff in a bouncing- pressing motion into the skin using the flat side with your fave liquid foundation ( can be used with powders as well & works a treat with cream blush)

Use the pointy end to get right under the eye area, around the nose & for applying your concealer .

*  remember to place under running water until it swells up then gently squeeze out excess water until it is just slightly damp before using.

To clean use a bar of soap and warm to hot water, massaging it  into the bar. Sards wonder sopa we recommend !

To clean using warm to hot water run gently on a bar of soap Sards is the best ! -( works better to remove any stains than liquid soap ) repeat and rinse until it is clean. 

Currently available in Pastel Lilac only