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My Foundation Service


Love the idea of a melli Custom Blend Foundation but don't have a melli Custom Foundation Bar location anywhere near you ?

 'My Foundation' Service is an online service i have created through demand for girls who just cant get to one of our foundation bars.

This is nowhere as detailed a service as you get from our Foundation Bars where you visit in person and have a foundation custom blended right in front of your eyes to ensure a perfect match. If you are interested in a custom service visit our locations here

Create your very own foundation to suit your skins needs & your lifestyle by adding in options. 

Select your base number

1. Ivory Skin 

1.5 Fair Skin

2. Medium Beige

3. Medium Skin with a mild yellow undertone

3.5 Medium Olive skin

4. Tan 

*If you would like to order sample sizes of the shades go here This may help you choose where to 'start' in this process if you are unsure of a shade. The samples are straight shades offered in satin,luminous or skin like all in a medium coverage. They do not have any options added it is just to help you choose a shade .

We do understand the requirement for deeper & more shades - this can be found at our Foundation Bars

Select your finish

Satin -  semi matte

Luminous - dewy 

Skin like - In between satin & luminous

Which is the best finish for my skin type ?

OILY Skin Generally if you have very oily skin you are best to select a Satin base and select matte it out and balancing act for your options. 

COMBINATION Skin - A skin like finish works best with a combination skin.

DRY or AGING skin A luminous base with hydrate me, retexture potion & moisture as your options

NORMAL skin You can tend to choose any finish depending on whether you love a matte, dewy or skin finish look

ROSACEA -Add Green toner - also add green toner as an option if you have redness on your noses,cheeks etc.

Dewy or Glowy ?

Dewy has a shine ( unless you have extremely dry skin ) 

If you love more of a glow than a shine choose either a Satin base or a Skin like base and add make me glow as an option.

Add in your options 

SPF10   *not recommended for sensitive skin or oily skin

Hydrate me  - for surface dehydration

Moisture  - dry skin

Balancing Act - Regulates oiliness

Matte it out - for an extra matte look 

Make me Glow - add Highlight for a glowy look in the following shades

Champagne - fair to light/med skin

Candlelight - for medium & tanned skin with a warm tone

Rose Gold - medium to tanned skin with a neutral tone

Green toner - to counteract redness

Sheer it out  Add for a sheer tint

Coverage - Create different levels of coverage from light to medium


Packaged in a Supersized 40ml airless pump bottle

Once we have created your melli Foundation your formula will be on file so its as easy as ordering a refill which will be filed under the name you ordered it.

How do i reorder a refill ?

Once you need a new bottle of your foundation its as simple as just click here to reorder . A reorder of your foundation will be only $50. Your refill can also be adjusted when reordering your refill. Just make sure you email through your adjustment requirements right after ordering your refill. Adjustments may be - coverage, depth, texture.

*Please note

If you love your 'double wear' or 'colourstay' foundation -stick with that. This is a natural formulation & isn't waterproof - its not double wear . But the upside is you wont even feel like you are wearing any makeup & you don't have to scrub to remove your foundation as its a water based formula.

*Again this is not a custom blend service but a step up from purchasing an 'off the shelf' foundation 

The best option to achieve your perfect match in shade & texture,is to visit one of our melli Custom blend Foundation Bar locations to get the perfect match blended for you in an in person consultation where you get to feel and see the foundation on your skin as it is being customized.

You can find your closest location here  

Unsure if this is the right way to go with your foundation ? We also have other foundations within our range which may suit your needs. From foundation sticks for full coverage to our luxe lumiere hydrating foundation for a dewy light hydrating coverage.

*The My Foundation Service takes approx 5 - 7 working days processing time with shipping time on top. There may be times we are able to create your foundation with a quicker turn around but generally you are looking at the usual turn around time.

*When our warehouse is closed for holiday periods please take note on ordering.

*We recommend our Velvet Mousse Primer , Concealers & Setting powders to create the perfect base.

Cruelty Free

Free of Palm Oil & Palm oil derivatives 

Paraben Free

Mineral & Botanical