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Beauty Pod

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A Professional Airbrush Finish is now a Reality in everyone’s Makeup Regime!

Struggling to use Foundation brushes, wedge style sponges or your fingers with the dream of that Professional Makeup Artist finish?

Beauty Pod is your new Makeup Tool.

The Pod is not your typical Makeup Sponge but a non-latex, ergonomic hygienic  Beauty Tool that will save you time in application and deliver a flawless finish with no mess.

“It doesn’t absorb makeup like the usual makeup sponge it keeps the product in the top layer of the Beauty Pod so all you need to do is press to dispense the product.” Once the sponge is coated in foundation, “I like to stipple on the base. Sometimes people swipe and smear foundation over the face, but really, you’re just moving it around and taking it off. Stippling gives instant coverage placed right where you want it.” After you put on a light layer, “stipple more where needed so it doesn’t look too heavy.”

Also available in a TRIO BEAUTY POD PACK with FREE Shipping.


  • Dampen Pod until is swells up then firmly squeeze out all excess water. Then place in towel or tissue squeezing to expel remaining water.
  • Apply Foundation to the wide end of the Beauty Pod and gently work in a patting motion on the forehead, cheeks and neck area.
  • With the fine pointed end now apply foundation to the chin, nose and eye areas.
  • Still need more coverage? Apply foundation again to the fine pointed end & reapply to the areas that need extra coverage.
  • With Beauty Pod you can apply a light sheer application right through to a full coverage just by  foundation placed on Pod.
  • For Concealer application use the fine pointed end to bounce onto blemishes & under eye circles.
  • To clean your Pod, simply hand wash with gentle soap in warm water until Pod is clean. Rinse well & let air dry.

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Beauty Pod

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