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About melli


Hi I am the owner of melli Cometics,Melissa Carter AKA ‘melli’.

 I also freelance as a Makeup Artist at the Channel 9 Studios way back since 1998 along with freelancing for production companies & working on film junkets I've been very lucky in my career to have had some amazing moments- just like the time i drove Hugh Jackman across town to our next filming location !

I created a Professional High Performing Colour range which is proudly Cruelty Free -yes i am a huge Animal lover and this is one thing i would never back down on. We have had opportunities to sell in China with a distributor. As you may be aware to sell in China you need to follow their protocols ( animal testing ) but i could not sleep at night - it doesn't matter how much money was on the cards !

What do i get asked the most ?
Who is the nicest celebrity you have ever worked with ? Is a pretty popular question. I often say the more successful they are the nice they are .
How do you survive running a brand when there is so much competition ? In the early days we did a 12 month stint on TVSN ( its like QVC in the states ) We had 1 hour live shows where i was supported by a host ( no autocue - so just about anything goes -along with live call ins from at home viewers ) We still have girls who used to watch me on our shows buy melli cosmetics. melli girls are extremely loyal and that i am grateful for.
Who is melli for ?
I often say i can spot a melli girl in the street !
melli Girls are real, low maintenance & love a fresh natural look aiming to be the best version of themselves
melli girls believe that Makeup brings out not only their natural beauty but their confidence within.
melli is not ‘Ageist’ We believe women should never feel invisible no matter their age
melli believes in bringing out your best features. Not hiding behind crazy contouring stripes & a thick concrete layer .
You’ll find melli online www.mellicosmetics.com we ship internationally mon - fri but also at locations around Australia,New Zealand and the US
The Days of our Lives Makeup Dept at Burbank Studios are loving using our brand on the cast ! I have been a huge fan since i was a little girl so this makes me pretty proud
I absolutely struggled with foundation when i was a teen with poor self confidence ( mind you in the 80’s there wasn't a lot on offer in foundation shades )
The Foundation Bar by melli Cosmetics was launched in 2008 to combat this issue plus many others. How many of us get confused & overwhelmed at the Cosmetics Counter ? Or are made to feel inferior from sales girls that really don’t care ? Then there’s the deciding on which type of formula for your skin type ? Then you get it home and guess what ? Its wrong & you end up mixing it with leftovers of other foundations. We create a formula for you whihc is recorded onto a recipe card and filed for future refills. We formulate with love and make the experience like no other. ‘www.thefoundationbar.com
I love the support of our ‘melli girls’ & hearing from you fills my heart with joy. You can also follow our journey on Instagram . Remember to click for notifications as we have exciting things up our sleeve for you all. Its time to give back