Your Skin in a Bottle - Custom Blend Foundation

Posted on 05 June 2016

Nothing makes us happier then when we hear how happy our customers are with their Custom Blend Foundation that we have created for them at one of our kiosks.

So many girls have searched for years for the perfect shade and have never felt comfortable wearing foundation. Especially girls with ultra fair complexions. Everything tends to look pink,yellow or orange on them even when they choose the lightest shade in a range.

When we create a custom foundation its not just about creating your perfect shade but also the perfect texture . You may require it to be a demi matte which we create using a mix of Luminous and Satin with a small amount of retexture potion.  You may also want it slightly glowy so we add a couple of pumps of Make me Glow.

We don't just give you the choice of a few formulas but mix formulas and additives to create the perfect texture for your skin. The only way you can perfect the texture is by not only seeing it on the skin but feeling it on the skin.  This is something that cannot be done with an app! It needs to be done in a personalized one on one session.

Out of 3000 + recipes we have created so far every single recipe is completely different not just in colour but texture and coverage.

We know colour and we know texture thats why we have so many 'fans' of the melli Custom Create a blend foundation since 2008.

We don't just look at one part of the skin such as the jawline,the neck,the forehead. By measuring just one part of the face to create a colour just doesnt work! We need to look at the whole face and the decolletage as sometimes you may have a tanned chest yet be fairer on the face. Thats when we create something slightly warmer then the face so that i will tone in with the chest area with it still working on the face.

Someone who has Rosacea or a very ruddy complexion and chest tends to usually have very fair skin. If we matched to the fairest part of the skin the client in comparison to a ruddy chest would look washed out.

That is why the hand held devices and mobile Custom Blend foundation apps claiming to match skin will never work. amongst so many other reasons.

Our Custom Blend Foundation with over 3000 clients on our books was launched in 2008. That's alot of foundations!

The best part is its all Plant derived ingredients and Vegan so perfect for Sensitive skin and Rosacea.

You receive a 30 min personalized one on one consultation, your recipe filed away for refills and a huge 40ml pump airless bottle

We pride ourselves on our nurturing Customer Service.We serve with love!

Let us Ace Your Base.

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