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How to Quick Makeup when you've hit the snooze button one too many times
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How to Quick Makeup when you've hit the snooze button one too many times

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If you are partial to a good Nude lip colour like I am, it can be hard to break out of that Nude comfort zone.

 So a good step up is something that will pop without feeling too bright
'or in your face' to ease you into colour

Cause some days, you do need it let's face it. Days you're feeling flat, tired & need a lift.


Those mornings when you hit the snooze one too many times cause you've been up with kids through the night or just cant switch your brain off & are rushing out the door to work like a crazy woman . There's no time for eyeliner on mornings like this, unless you're Superwoman, than I salute you.

On these mornings I make it extra easy peasy for myself, i grab my moisturizer & a pump of my foundation and buff it all in. Gives you a nice healthy rested look and cuts out a step.

Whack the lippy on next as this gives your moisturizer/foundation time to settle before you apply mascara so your mazzie wont smudge

Grace is my go to step up from my favorite Nude lipsticks to add a pop up of colour. Now, like all lippies it will look slightly different on everyone depending on your natural lip pigment & skin tone. But it is a fantastic universal mid toned shade that brightens and pops just enough without being too out there. It's a not too warm or too cool pink - but a neutral mid toned pink with pop.


If you've got time for a lip liner than you are doing fantastic ! To further brighten and add more pink to the shade use a pink liner like Guava. Or to further neutralize it and add some brown i love using Smore with it. 

Line your lips lightly then shade all over the lip with your liner. This will also help give your lipstick longevity throughout the day .

Then a little bronzer/ blush  swept over each side of your face like a big 3 - hairline ,cheekbones & jawline. Then whatever is left on your brush - brush it across your eye sockets, raise your eyebrows first then sweep it across those sockets for warmth and a quick eye shadow affect.


I love using the 24k Baked Bronzer for this as it gives a real healthy pretty glow

Lastly mascara- try not too rush this too much as the last thing you want is to poke yourself in the eye - then its game over- or a big hat and sunglasses will do the trick.

Now breathe & smile & try to have an amazing day

Disclaimer- yes I'm wearing eyeliner so it wasn't too hard a morning for me here but I do still have my weekend beach hair & just sprayed in some dry hair shampoo- no time to wash & blow dry 

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