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Foundation to match our Fair skinned beauties
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Foundation to match our Fair skinned beauties

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If you're a true alabaster beauty you know the pain of every foundation that you try in the stores looking too yellow,too pink,too orange or even muddy. 

The deal is here the majority of brands will only make their lightest shade a generic lightish beige as extremely light shades especially here in Australia just don't sell enough numbers for them.

That's where a custom blend foundation comes in.

We start with our number 1 base then add not only a white toner which will bring the depth to where it needs to be for you but we also add toners.

We will add a purple toner if it is throwing yellow. A blue toner if it is throwing any form of orange. Just like the colour wheel we will counteract any tone to make it look like your skin.

And it doesnt stop there we will then create the perfect texture depending on your skin type whether you are oily or dry. 

Coverage ? Yes we can create the perfect coverage for you .

Sounds like just what you have been searching for?

The best part its all natural made of botanical and mineral ingredients,cruelty free and Vegan. Sensitive skin ? We are perfect for you!

We were the first in Australia to offer this custom bespoke service back in 2008 and we are the Custom Blend Foundation specialists. After 8 years we know foundation!

We have refined our system and after creating thousands upon thousands of custom blend foundations in Australia we pretty much can look at you and start whipping it up right in front of your eyes.

Stop wasting money and meet your perfect match at a melli Custom Blend Foudnation Bar today

We love what we do and you'll love it to !

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