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Airbrush Perfection with the Beauty Pod

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The lovely Paula Joye of www.thejoye.com featured the Beauty Pod a little while back.Here's what she had to say...

This little piece of non-latex squishiness is pretty genius.

The brain child of Melissa Dempster (film & television makeup artist )of melli Cosmetics & Designer Makeup Tools  the Beauty Pod is a clever make-up sponge designed to give coverage that’s good enough for high definition cameras (which are brutal). It’s shape and size take all the hard work out of blending and evening skin tones.

Here’s how it works.

Dampen sponge under the tap and then firmly squeeze out all excess water.

Pour some foundation (about 20 cents in size) onto the back of your hand. Use the wide end of the Beauty Pod to blend foundation over your forehead, cheeks and neck area. Use a pat & dab motion.

Next use the fine pointed end to apply foundation to the chin, nose and eye areas to whole face.

If you need more coverage use the fine pointed end to re-apply.

The Beauty Pod is great for concealing under the eye because it gets into all the little corners. Also you can use the very tip to bounce coverage over a spot or pimple.

Clean it with warm, soapy water and let it air dry.

You’ll be obsessed.