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Makeup that makes us look healthy & glowing

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The best Makeup Products are the ones that make us look like we have had a good 10 hours sleep or that we've just returned from a really good holiday. Makeup isn't just about making us feel and look prettier and more confident its also about being able to look in the mirror and not look tired. Because when we look tired we sure feel tired. Have you ever had someone tell you that you look tired? As soon as that's said, all of a sudden you notice it,yep there it is!

Nothing makes me feel and look healthy then a good cream blush. Cream Blush imparts that sheer light glow that looks so natural it looks like your lit from within.

A Peachy shade like SWEET CHEEKS works a treat to give you the glow rather than the flush! The trick is to apply it high on apples almost under your eye. When applied high on the apples it lifts your face..instant facelift! Work the cream lightly into the apples pressing it in and blending out the edges with a beauty pod or your finger tips.